• Seminci (Valladolid)

    Pilar Miró Award Best New Director
  • Festival Cinema Espagnol Nantes

    Mención Especial Opera Prima
  • Festival Abycine –Albacete

    Premio Joven
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Spanish with English subtitles

With Manuel Martinez, Marieta Orozco

Stigmata is a hauntingly beautiful and lyrical tale based on the Italian cult comic book by Lorenzo Mattotti and Claudio Piersanti. Multiawarded Adán Aliaga’s (My Grandmother’s House) debut feature is a thoughtful journey into the intertwining realms of faith and imagination. Told by a hulking, gentle giant of a man, Stigmata follows Bruno as he wakes up one morning bleeding from mysterious wounds on his hands. He questions the wounds from a purely physical perspective, but others see them as a divine sign. Hounded, Bruno flees the city and wanders through the countryside until he finds a traveling fair and falls in love. Ultimately, Bruno’s journey is one of universal ideas, which lead us to our own, larger-than-life questions about love, expectation, and redemption.


“A richly suggestive, chilly fable about a lonely, gentle giant struggling to deal with the consequences of blood literally pouring from his hands, Adan Aliaga’s audacious, haunting debut Stigmata reps a distinctive calling card.” – Jonathan Holland, VARIETY

“A daring work with references to Luis Bunuel and Federico Fellini…a film as refreshing as it is interesting.” – Jordi Minguell, EL PAÍS

About the Director
Adan Aliaga was born in Alicante, Spain, October 3rd 1969. He studied in the “Taller de imagen” of Alicante University. In April of 2006 sees the premiere of his first film as a director: My grandmother’s house which obtains numerous international prizes, among them one of the most prestigious: the Joris Ivens award in the IDFA Documentary Festival in Amsterdam. Stigmata is his first long feature film about a rude alcoholic addict. His most recent film is Eternauta’s wife a documentary about the comic writer Oesterheld killed by Argentinian dictatorship.