To be eligible for a matching grant, applicants must be affiliated with an educational institution such as a high school, college, university, or public library, among others.

In addition to high schools and universities in the United States and Canada, we are glad to welcome educational institutions from around the world.

Applicants must plan to screen a minimum of 5 films, which must be shown as part of a film festival. The films may be presented as a stand-alone festival or as part of a larger festival. The screenings must take place within an eight-week period. Films can also be included as part of the curriculum of one or more classes, but applicants need to make sure to maintain the films’ unity as part of Spanish Film Club.

A Grant Selection Committee chooses the grant recipients by carefully reviewing the applications. For this reason, it is extremely important that applicants are as detailed as possible when answering the application questions. The ideal applicant will be thorough in describing the concept of their festival while conveying excitement for the project.

Applicants are eligible to receive a Spanish Film Club matching grant for several consecutive years, but they must reapply each year even if their institution has participated in the program in the past. Applicants may think we are familiar with their school, but they are required to describe their institution in detail for each application as the Grant Selection Committee changes every year. When considering applications from past grant recipients we will carefully review the Online Evaluation Form applicants are required to submit following their festivals.