Spanish Film Club turned 10 in March 2022! Below we compiled a series of interesting numbers and fun facts that represent the growth and impact the program has had so far!

Festivals: 567 festivals have been organized with the support of Spanish Film Club as of April 2022!

Universities: A total of 261 different universities have participated in the Spanish Film Club program, many organizing the festival year after year!

Q&As: Pragda has helped with the organization of 76 Q&A sessions with filmmakers as part of Spanish Film Club festivals.

Screening events: A total of 2,842 screenings have taken place as part of Spanish Film Club festivals.

Students reached: More than 142,100 students have been able to enjoy Ibero-American cinema thanks to Spanish Film Club festivals taking place at their university campus.

Amount granted: Pragda has granted financial support valued at $627,088.66 to universities as part of the Spanish Film Club program.

Record number of festivals by one university campus: The University of North Carolina with 16 festivals among its several campuses, followed by Troy University with 13 and the University of California with 12 among their campuses.

University departments organizing the most festivals: Modern Language Departments, followed by Foreign Language and Spanish Language Departments.

First screening: The first Spanish Film Club screening took place on June 15, 2012, at the University of New Orleans.

International Events: Australia (Acton, Lismore, Macquarie Park), Canada (Moncton, Montreal, North Bay, Peterborough, St. John’s, Waterloo, Toronto, Calgary, Ottawa), China (Hong Kong and Macau), The Netherlands (Rotterdam), Polonia (Lublin), Sweden (Stockholm), The United Kingdom (Edinburgh, Guildford, Liverpool, London, Cardiff), and The Philippines (Quezon City).

The furthest city where SFC took place: Acton, Australia, at 10,076 miles from New York.

US state with more festivals: Pennsylvania with 38, followed by California with 31, and Virginia with 30.

Movies in the catalog: Our catalog features 76 films at this time, but 104 different films have been included in the catalog throughout the years.

Countries represented: 28 different countries are represented in our catalog of films.

Leading countries represented: Argentina with 17 films, closely followed by Spain with 16 titles. Mexico comes third with 12 films.

Most screened film: Venezuelan film Bad Hair, directed by Mariana Rondón, was screened by 80 universities as part of their Spanish Film Club festivals since it was included in the catalog in 2014. Followed by Ixcanul, Volcano with 58 screenings.

Most popular films per year: Chico & Rita (2012), Here and There (2013), Bad Hair (2014), Mr. Kaplan (2015), Ixcanul, Volcano (2016), The Empty Classroom (2017), The Future Perfect (2018), Birds of Passage (2019), Guie’dani’s Navel (2020), Los Lobos (2021).

Study guides created: We started creating study guides for new titles in 2018 and there are currently 48 films with guides available.