Programming Ideas

Do you have a great idea for an unforgettable Spanish Film Club? If you need help, our experienced staff can guide you in selecting films that will captivate your audience. Here are some program suggestions to create a great cinematic experience that will keep your community returning for more!

  • Coming of age: Boca Chica, Brudda’s Mind, Miriam Lies, Alice Junior, Bad Hair, Monos, Neither Hero Nor Traitor, I Girl, Summer 1993, Spider Thieves. Check out the full collection.
  • Indigenous cultures: Sun and Daughter, Persistent Woman, Albertina and the Dead, Nudo Mixteco, Guie’Dani’s Navel, Secrets from Putumayo.  Check out the full collection.
  • Star power: Parallel Mothers, The Good Boss, Cassandro, In the Heights, Memories of My Father, Ema, Everybody Knows, Truman, The Queen of Spain.
  • Immigration: Home is Somewhere Else, Drowning Letters, Nobody’s Watching, Los Lobos, The Infiltrators, Perro Bomba, On the Roof, Chinese Take-Away. Check out the full collection.
  • Family relations: Babygirl, Carajita, Perfect Strangers, Neither Hero Nor Traitor, Guie’Dani’s Navel, The City of the Future, I Girl, Camila’s Awakening, Everybody Leaves. Check out the full collection.
  • Academy Award® movies: Memories of My Father, The Rose Seller, Machuca, The Sleepwalkers, The Awakening of the Ants, Ruben Blades is not My Name, Even the Rain, La Yuma, Chico & Rita.
  • Human rights: My Brothers Dream Awake, Rancho, Drowning Letters, The Empty Classroom, The Sky is Red, Machuca, After Spring, Freedom is a Big Word. Check out the full collection.
  • Environment: A Place Called Music, Illicit Trade, Martirio, Cacú, Embrace of the Serpent, Sealed Cargo, The Facilitator, Eternal Amazon, From the Land to your Table. Check out the full collection.
  • LGBT+: Cassandro, My Emptiness and I, Alice Junior, A Rebellion for Love, Bixa Travesty, Blooming on the Asphalt, Transit Habana, 100 Ways to Cross the Border. Check out the full collection.
  • Strong leading ladies: Luchadoras, Alegria, Miucha, Without Prescription, Perfect Strangers, I Girl, 7 Weeks, Camila’s Awakening, La Yuma, Wandering Girl, Open Cage. Check out the full collection.
  • Women filmmakers: Alegria, Babygirl, My Brothers Dream Awake, Miriam Lies, Nudo Mixteco, Nobody’s Watching, The Sleepwalkers, The Infiltrators, City of the Future, Summer 1993, On the Roof, Paradise, Bajarí, I Thought it Was a Party, Even the Rain, With My Heart in Yambo, La Yuma.
  • Modern History: The Padilla Affair, I Owe You a Letter About Brazil, Seeds: Black Women in Power, This Stolen Country of Mine, The Death of Pinochet, Memories of My Father. Check out the full collection
  • Modern Classics collection: We are Mari Pepa, The Bat Woman, The Rose Seller, Machuca, Y tu mamá también.

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