1. Who is eligible to apply for a grant to organize a Spanish Film Club festival?

    High schools, universities, colleges, and cultural institutions affiliated with a school or educational institution with non-profit status can apply for the grant.

  2. Can I choose the films myself?

    Yes, you can choose the films you want from our roster. All of them have been carefully selected by our curators and each one of them is of excellent quality. Our film library is brimming with visionary films and rare cinematic treats. You’ll also find commercial favorites. If you would like to help in selecting films, please write to us with your suggestions.

  3. Can I preview the films before selecting them?

    You have to select five films during the application process, but once you have been awarded the grant, you can request online screeners of the films to preview. You can then make sure your selected films are appropriate for your program. if not, you can choose up to two more films to preview. You can preview a total of seven films.

  4. Does the Festival have to take place at a specific time?

    The Festival should take place at some point during the two semesters following the submission of the application. If you are interested in having a later festival, please wait for our following grant cycle deadline or contact us at filmclub@pragda.com.

  5. Can I decide the number of films that I screen? Is there a minimum number required?

    Yes, you must include at least five films at your festival. There is no maximum number.

  6. In what countries is Spanish Film Club available?

    All Spanish Film Club films are available for schools in the United States and most of them for Canada. Spanish Film Club is available for schools in other countries, but due to copyright issues, the films available for each country may vary. If you are based outside North America, please make sure to sort the films by availability to make sure you are selecting from the right list of titles.

  7. How many times can I screen the movies and for how long?

    Each film may be screened twice within an eight-week period. Contact us if you are interested in screening the film a third time. You can decide if you want to hold daily or weekly screenings, as long as the festival takes place within eight weeks.

  8. When will I receive the grant?

    If your grant application is approved, you will receive confirmation about 4 weeks after the deadline.

  9. How do I pay for my festival?

    Spanish Film Club accepts checks, major credit cards (American Express, Diners Club, Discover, MasterCard, Visa), and ACH payments. All credit card transactions are subject to a 3.5% transaction fee. Once your credit card has been authorized, we immediately delete all your payment information from our servers. Your billing information is transmitted using a secure Internet connection (SSL). If your school has issues with any of these payment methods, please contact us. We will try to accommodate your needs. All invoices will include a processing and handling fee of $25.

  10. When should I pay the screening fee? Is it possible to pay for it after the screening?

    The screening fee must be paid upfront, any time before your Spanish Film Club Festival takes place.

  11. Can I include the Spanish Film Club program within a larger festival?

    Yes, you can include it as part of a larger festival, as long as you include all five films and credit them to Spanish Film Club.

  12. I noticed that on the film page it says “filmmakers are available for a Q&A.” What does this mean?

    This line refers to the willingness of the filmmakers to participate in a Q&A session via Skype following the screening of their film. If your school has resources, you could also bring filmmakers to campus to introduce the film or organize a workshop. Please let us know if you are interested in either one of these options and we will put you in direct contact with them to organize this special event. However, please note that Pragda is not responsible for managing filmmakers’ schedules and cannot guarantee their availability on the date and time of your screening. Pragda reserves the right of contacting one filmmaker per school. Please note that a $300 speaker fee is the suggested rate for booking Skype Q&A sessions. This fee is to be negotiated with and paid to the filmmaker directly.

  13. What if I want to have only two of these films in my film program?

    You are welcome to book any of our films through our system, but you won’t be eligible to grant funding. Therefore you will need to cover the full rental fee.

  14. When will more films be added?

    We expand the library every calendar year! Check the website in March for new titles!

  15. Are all films in Spanish? Do they have English subtitles?

    No, not all the films are in Spanish. Some of them are in Portuguese, Basque, Guarani, Aymara, or Catalan… But don’t worry; all films are subtitled in English. Make sure to look up each film’s page for information on their original language.

  16. Can I design my own promotional materials?

    We prefer that you promote your festival with the materials that we have already prepared for that purpose. However, you can adapt the existing promotional materials or create your own providing that you use the elements stipulated by the grant (credit line, logo, etc). Please check our marketing material’s page for details.

  17. Can we keep the films after the festival?

    You are welcome to purchase the films included in your Spanish Film Club festival at a discounted price of $150 each. Otherwise, films MUST be returned immediately after the festival is over.