Festival Formats

In Person

There is something so special about gathering together to watch films, perhaps even more now than ever. Add to the screenings introductions by experts and Q&As with the filmmaker(s), and you have yourself an excellent community-building film festival! The more multicultural and inclusive, the better!

Here’s how it works: We create a digital package of films and ancillary materials such as posters and trailers to promote your festival. We share this package with you via a link in an email. You download the films, test them on your screening equipment, screen them on your chosen dates, and destroy the files after the screenings.

Some films are only available on DVD for in-person screenings. For these titles, we send you the DVDs well in advance of your screening dates, and you return them to us afterward.


Nowadays we do almost everything online, and many of us are more comfortable with this format for a variety of reasons. Online classes and communities are fantastic parallels to in-person educational experiences. Because this is a fairly new format that was created as a solution to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have created a specific set of FAQs to guide you through the process of organizing a virtual festival.