What Universities Say

After six years organizing festivals with PRAGDA, we decided to put one on our own and is not worth the trouble. It was extremely difficult to get permission with the distributors and also more expensive than what we’ve anticipated. If you are thinking of having a film festival on campus, SFC is the way to go. They have an amazing list of current films available, lots of helpful advertising materials, and it’s very easy to communicate and work with them.”
—Adrián Collado, Assistant Adjunct Professor, Department of Spanish and Portuguese, UCLA

“The grant has done so much for our student organization, SELACH; it has reinvigorated not only the organization but many, many students who come to the Film Festival to learn, watch good movies, and enjoy themselves.”
—Alda Blanco, Professor of Spanish, Chair, Department of Spanish and Portuguese, San Diego State University

“Our Hispanic Heritage Film Showings are the most exciting events of our semester!”
—Diane Marting, Associate Professor of Spanish, University of Mississippi

“A great opportunity to provide insight into human experiences and promote an increased understanding of diversity.”
—Rosario Vickery, Assistant Professor of Spanish, Clayton State University

“More than ever, it has become necessary to develop spaces of inclusivity, diversity and cultural exchange within our communities. I believe Pragda’s SFC accomplishes this in a profound and beautiful way.”
Daniel Quiros, Lafayette College

“We were once again delighted to have the Spanish Film Club as part of our Eighth Oregon State International Film Festival.”
Sebastian Heiduschke, Oregon State University

“Apart from traveling to each of the countries where the movies are filmed, the SFC is the most effective way I have found in raising students’ awareness of the rich diversity of the Spanish-speaking world while also illustrating the common experiences that unite us regardless of origin.”
—Martha Davis, Professor of Spanish and Assistant Dean of World Languages, NOVA Alexandria

“Our students and members of our community were thrilled with the opportunity to view these films and be exposed to cultural topics and ideas of which they have limited access. Many people attended every single film and asked if we were going to host it again next year. Thank you, Pragda and SFC!”
—Amber Carey, Assistant Professor of Spanish, Pensacola State College

“SFC is making quality Latin American and Spanish films accessible to everyone and for that, our community is truly indebted.”
—Heather Hinds, Spanish Instructor, University of Arkansas

“It was a great experience for me to organize the first Spanish Film Club in Lehman College. I was very glad to bring such an amazing selection of films to the campus and to provide the students with the opportunity of engaging with Latin American movies. For many of my students this experience was eye-opening and it really changed their perspective on the reality and the culture of Latin America.”
—Marco Ramirez, Lehman College – CUNY

“Being an urban research institution, we are well-poised to host such a culturally diverse and globally relevant event offering this unique opportunity to learn about other societies through film. We can create more innovative course content, which promotes critical thinking, freedom of inquiry, and helps our students to become global citizens. Ultimately, the cultural richness of film inspires creativity, intercultural collaboration and problem solving.”
—Mónica Rodríguez-Castro, Assistant Professor of Spanish, University of North Carolina at Charlotte

“The Spanish Film Club provides our community with high quality films from the Spanish-speaking world. As an instructor, I value any contribution that enhances students’ experiences and provides exposure to other ways of seeing the world. The Spanish Film Club is an incremental step towards helping students become global citizens. I love that through these films a small liberal arts college in Wisconsin can provide audiences a communal opportunity to think critically about other places, peoples, and ideas.”
—Amy L. Tibbitts, Associate Professor Beloit College

“Great film quality.”
—Marc, Cal State Los Angeles

“I am so glad we decided to host a Spanish and Latin American Film Festival this semester. The application process was easy and efficient, the selection of films was great and the five films we decided to include were well attended and well received. Thank you, Pragda! We will definitely organize another SFC in the future.”
—Sally Perret, Assistant Professor of Spanish, Salisbury University

“The SFC program does a great job helping US college and High School students to change the common misperception that films from Latin America and Spain lack the quality of mainstream US films and can even outdo them.”
—Jorge Porcel, PhD, Missouri University of Science and Technology

“An excellent opportunity for us to screen contemporary films that cover a wide geographical and cultural territory in the Spanish-speaking world. Overall, it was a successful event thanks to the help of Pragda!”
—Catherine Infante, Assistant Professor of Spanish, Amherst College

“It was smashing and shocking film experience.”
—John Cruz, Graduate Student, The Ohio State University

“Spanish Film Club & PRADGA turned our dreams of putting on an Ibero-American film festival into a reality.”
—Olivia Cosentino, Graduate Student, The Ohio State University

“It is a wonderful way to introduce not only language but different cultures to the students.”
—Lisa Vardaman Education Reference Librarian, Troy University

“This festival has became a event that the students look forward to every fall.”
—Manuel Medina, University of Louisville

“Pragda provides a broad range of contemporary Spanish and Latin American cinema, which allowed us to choose films which spoke to many important issues.”
—Dr. Eric Thau, Associate Professor of Spanish, University of Hawaii at Manoa

“Hosting an SFC festival has been an amazing experience that had a huge impact on our campus.”
—Luis Manzo, Junior Executive Producer of Video Production Studios, Whittier College

“In a city like Los Angeles, where cinema represents its most emblematic medium, the SFC becomes an outstanding opportunity to promote and disseminate Latin American and Iberian culture through its vibrant and often ignored film industry.”
—Adrian Collado, UCLA

“We loved to host the festival and we hope we have the opportunity to do it again. We are located in a rural, isolated area of Colorado and as a Hispanic Serving Institution we are in need of programming that celebrates diversity and inclusiveness.”
—O. Gustavo Plascencia, Adams State University

“Thank you for all! This festival is becoming a classic at UCLA, a unique opportunity to watch Spanish and Latin American films. The selection is brilliant, and Pragda’s team made everything really easy to organize. We are looking forward to the next one!”
—Marina Carracedo Mateo, Lecturer Spanish and Portuguese, UCLA

“Pragda is a wonderful organization that gives students the opportunity to be view excellent Ibero American Cinema that they would otherwise never have access to, and it provides my students with a deeper meaning on Ibero and Latin American culture, history, and society.”
—Alexandra Martinez Ph. D., Assistant professor, Jacksonville State University

“This is truly a wonderful opportunity to share the wealth and diversity of Hispanic film with rural areas such as southern Minnesota, who would otherwise not have access to these materials in a broad manner.”
—K. Angelique Dwyer, Assistant Professor of Spanish & Latin American Studies Gustavus Adolphus College

“You have made a huge difference in our Hispanic community and university life and for that we are extremely grateful!”
—Catherine Morabito King, Professor, Nipissing University

“The Pragda film series helped students to understand that there exists a dynamic and vibrant film scene outside of the United States, and the themes presented pushed viewers to engage with complex topics from new perspectives.”
—Lara N. Dotson-Renta, PhD, Assistant Dean, Quinnipiac University

“Thanks to this festival we have been able to connect language study with cultural exposure outside the classroom, which was enriching and enjoyable for everyone.”
—Dr. Mayte de Lama, Dept. of World Languages and Cultures, Elon University

“The students’ reaction to the films was extremely positive. The films generated discussions about Latin American culture and film after the events and these discussions spilled over into class. I was surprised and pleased that some of my students in my Caribbean literature course referenced the films in their papers.”
—Eileen Chanza Torres, Assistant Professor, Westminster College

“It is a wonderful opportunity for any University to be able to take part in such an educational and informative program… I highly recommend it!!”
—Alexandra Martinez, Assistant Professor, Jacksonville State University

“An amazing experience, from the organization of the films with the help of the Spanish Film Club staff to the incredible films viewed–two thumbs up!”
—Katy Ross, Associate Professor of Spanish, Southwestern University

“A definite success! The Johns Hopkins and City of Baltimore communities want more! Thank you, PRAGDA, for offering this type of opportunity. We look forward to continuing this wonderful series.”
—Dr. Monica Lopez-Gonzalez, The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and Peabody Institute

“These films are a wonderful way for students, and the general public, to view movies from Latin America that are not in the main stream, yet are deep and provocative, and deal with important contemporary social and political issues.”
—Steven Byrd, Associate Professor of Spanish and Portuguese, University of New England

“This film festival created an oasis in a cultural desert and successfully created an important connection between campus and the community. It also served to enlighten and educate students, faculty, and local residents about important issues such race, immigration, and poverty while introducing them to a variety of cultures and people. It was a complete success.”
—Anna-Lisa Halling, Assistant Professor of Spanish, University of Southern Indiana

“PRAGDA is one of the best things to ever happen for our community of Spanish-speakers. Many members of the audience have already asked about the *next* festival, and which movies we are planning on screening in Fall 2014!”
—Vinodh Venkatesh, Assistant Professor, Virginia Tech

“Pragda is providing fans of Spanish language film with a tremendous opportunity and gift. Cinema from the Spanish-speaking countries is perhaps the most dynamic subset of film production today. Thanks to Pragda, people around the US have greater access to it.”
—Thomas S. Harrington, Associate Professor, Trinity College

“The second annual Spanish Film Club Festival was a resounding success. Students and faculty alike were grateful for the opportunity to experience the enthralling and diverse cultures of the Spanish, Portuguese and Catalan-speaking worlds without ever having to leave Maryland’s campus.”
—José M. Naharro-Calderón, Associate Professor, University of Maryland

“Working with Spanish Film Club made the task of organizing a film festival much easier and efficient and provided us the opportunity to show students films that are not otherwise available for distribution.”
—Ana M. López, Associate Provost, Tulane University

“The students truly enjoyed the experience and it was an opportunity to view a style of film that many of them were unfamiliar with…It is always my aim to introduce thought-provoking texts that challenge student assumptions about cultural otherness in the courses that I teach. The festival offered a superb repertoire for discussions of this nature.”
—Dr. Jennifer M. Formwalt, Assistant Professor of Spanish, Director Spanish Summer Language Institute North Georgia College

“The festival has been a great success. We’ve had at least 70 people in every screening! We are interested in purchasing some of the films. I’m already talking to the people at the Library in order to set that up.”
—María Ospina, Assistant Professor, Department of Romance Languages and Literatures, Wesleyan University

“With Spanish Film Club’s generous support, Willamette University’s Spanish film class was able to plan a festival that brought students, faculty, staff, and local community members together in dialogue about issues that people normally find difficult to discuss. SFC should continue growing and reaching more audiences, and universities like ours should make this project part of their curricula.”
—Anna Cox, Assistant Professor, Willamette University

“Everything was perfect! We had a full house and our dance club, Ritmo Latino, kicked off the festival with a short performance. Looking forward to our second screening.”
—Edelmira I. Segovia, Ed.D., Director of Centro Hispano, University of North Carolina Wilmington

“Spanish Film Club provided our university community with the opportunity for a fresh look at social issues and the rich cultural overlay of Spain and Latin America through the engaging medium of film.”
—Lea Ramsdell, Professor of Spanish and Portuguese, Towson University

“Great organization to work with…The Hispanic Film Series was a great opportunity for the Virginia Tech community to become more aware of the political, social, cultural and economic realities of the Hispanic countries. Thanks for giving us this opportunity!!!”
—Maria del Carmen Caña Jiménez, Visiting Assistant Professor, Virginia Tech

“The whole Department of Spanish and Portuguese was excited with the initiative and the whole process run smoothly…Thank you, Pragda, for giving us the opportunity to bring a sample of current cinema in Spanish tailored to our students needs!”
—María Victoria Abad Rabat, Lecturer, Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, UCLA

“Spanish Film Club films not only broadened our understanding and insights of Latin American experiences, but they also challenged our notions and concepts of film-making.”
—Clement Bautista, Director, Office of Multicultural Student Services, University of Hawaii at Manoa

“Pragda’s stellar selection of recent films is sure to appeal to cinephiles and newcomers alike!”
—Isis Sadek, Assistant Professor, University of South Carolina

“The film festival had a great turnout. We were very happy to have people from the community joining us as well and to see our students show a great deal of enthusiasm for the films. Overall, it was a rich and successful event.”
—Glenda Y. Nieto-Cuebas, Assistant Professor of Spanish, Ohio Wesleyan University

“This was the first time we celebrated a Hispanic Film Festival with the support of the Pragda Spanish Film Club here in Australia. It was priceless to have Pragda’s support at all times. The choice in films was excellent, and peers from other universities definitely took note! Spanish is not a major language here and thus it was great to be able to introduce people from all over Canberra to our cinema. Students also loved it, and it served as encouragement for them to join our Hispanic Cinema course next semester. Look out Pragda! More people are coming your way. Thank you!”
—Dr. Consuelo Martinez-Reyes, Lecturer in Spanish Studies, The Australian National University

“The Hispanic Film Series was a great opportunity to expand my knowledge of Hispanic culture and have a look into current issues of the Hispanic world. It was a great exposure to works of a different culture!”
—Anonymous Student, Virginia Tech

“The films gave me a great cultural experience. The rooms were packed every night and after each film, students walked away talking about and analyzing what they saw.”
—Anonymous Student, Virginia Tech