What Universities Say

“Working with Spanish Film Club made the task of organizing a film festival much easier and efficient and provided us the opportunity to show students films that are not otherwise available for distribution.” —Ana M. López, Associate Provost, Tulane University

“More than ever, it has become necessary to develop spaces of inclusivity, diversity and cultural exchange within our communities. I believe Pragda’s SFC accomplishes this in a profound and beautiful way.” —Daniel Quiros, Lafayette College

“Our Pragda film fest meant the world to our Latinx students. Seeing these stories and these characters on the big screen brought forth a range of strong emotions and facilitated some excellent discussion.” —Brigitte Bell, Director of Library Services, University of St. Francis

“The films gave me a great cultural experience. The rooms were packed every night and after each film, students walked away talking about and analyzing what they saw.” —Anonymous Student, Virginia Tech

“I was extremely happy to be able to include quality films in my courses and offer a safe choice for my students during this pandemic.” —Dr. Tanya Romero-Gonzalez, Murray State University

“Pragda’s stellar selection of recent films is sure to appeal to cinephiles and newcomers alike!” —Isis Sadek, Assistant Professor, University of South Carolina