How it Works

We’re here to help you every step of the way! Below are the basic steps, but we’re always on call for you.

  1. Share the idea of the Spanish Film Club with your colleagues and/or department chair.
  2. Evaluate your overall budget to see if your organization or department can host a festival.
  3. Seek partnerships to collaborate with different departments or organizations to create the festival.
  4. Check out our programming suggestions for ideas.
  5. Take a look at the offered films and select at least 5 of them for your festival.
  6. Submit your grant application online to receive a matching grant that will cover between 30% and 50% of the film rental fees.
  7. Once offered the matching grant, preview your chosen films to confirm they are appropriate for your program and audience. 
  8. Download our templates for promotional materials to publicize the festival.
  9. Exchange social media handles and hashtags with us to help your promotional efforts.
  10. Pay the festival’s rental fees.
  11. Organize virtual Q&A sessions with the directors if you choose.
  12. Test the films with your equipment at least one week before the festival.
  13. Host the festival. Together we raise the voice of Latin filmmaking and build more inclusive multicultural communities through your film festival and other Spanish Film Club festivals around the world! 
  14. Submit your post-festival evaluation form online.
  15. Plan your next Spanish Film Club festival!!!

For more information or any questions, visit our FAQs section or contact Daniela Bajar at