How it Works
  1. Each year, Spanish Film Club adds 10 films to its roster of 80 feature films representing more than 25 countries.
  2. High schools and Universities choose a minimum of 5 films from this roster to organize their festivals. Ideally, the selected films are screened within 8 weeks.
  3. The standard exhibition fee for each feature film is $500. As such, the minimum cost of each five-film festival is $2,500. For high schools and public libraries please inquire at
  4. However, universities may apply for a grant to cover between 30% to 50% of the cost of this festival.
  5. Depending on the grant awarded, the five-film festival price of $2,500 will be reduced to $1,250, $1,500 or $1,750.
  6. The festivals can be presented as independent, stand-alone festivals, or as part of a larger festival featuring films from other countries.
  7. The grant is only applicable as a discount to the screening fees. Schools and universities are responsible for raising funds to cover any additional expenses they may have.
  8. Once the films have been selected, high schools and universities submit the online Application Form in which an explanation of the program is provided, along with details of the promotional activities that will take place on campus, the departments involved in the activities, and expected attendance. Additional information about the festival and parallel activities related to Latin American or Ibero American events are strongly encouraged.
  9. Application deadlines are twice a year, in April and October, for festivals to take place during the following semester. Check the website regularly for exact dates.
  10. Once the grant is awarded, high schools and universities will receive information on how to rent the films.
  11. Professors will have the opportunity to preview the 5 selected films and make sure they are appropriate for their program. They can also choose up to 2 more films to preview.
  12. After the festival, high schools and universities must submit a post-festival Evaluation Form.
  13. Those high schools and universities that are not awarded a grant can still have their festival at full price. The procedure is simpler: they just need to fill out the application form at least one month in advance of the desired screening date.
  14. Participant high schools and universities will be able to purchase the films screened at their Spanish Film Club festival for a discounted price of $150 each.


  1. Share the idea of Spanish Film Club with your colleagues and/or department chair;
  2. Evaluate your overall budget to see if your organization or department can host a festival;
  3. Opt to partner with different departments or organizations to create the festival;
  4. Check out our programming suggestions for ideas;
  5. Take a look at the offered films and select at least 5 of them for your Festival;
  6. Submit your grant application online to cover between 30% and 50% of the film rental fees;
  7. Download our templates for promotional materials, which you could use to publicize the Festival;
  8. Pay the festival’s rental fees;
  9. Arrange with Spanish Film Club to organize virtual Q&A sessions with the directors;
  10. Test the films with your equipment at least one week before the festival;
  11. Host the festival;
  12. Submit your post-festival evaluation form online;
  13. Plan your next Spanish Film Club festival!!!

For any questions, you may contact Daniela Bajar at