Promotion Ideas

Suggestions by professors who have organized Spanish Film Club festivals in the past:

1. Use direct email, listservs, news, and any other methods to reach audience members’ inboxes.

2. Post information on the school’s and your academic department’s website, as well as on relevant online campus calendars.

3. Post on social media, discussion forums, etc., and ask students to like and repost on their own pages.

4. Ask professors to make announcements in class.

5. Use the university’s PR office for press releases to the local media.

6. Contact the local media directly. Use newspapers, radio shows, and magazines to reach off-campus audiences.

7. Use campus media outlets (i.e., newspapers, magazines, TV stations, or radio shows).

8. Print posters and flyers, and hang them strategically around campus.

9. Ask academic departments related to the films’ topics to put up posters or flyers on their community boards.

10. Reach out to local community organizations that have an interest in Spanish-speaking cultures or a particular topic related to the film/s you are screening.

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