Promotional Recommendations and Materials

Pragda offers a variety of promotional materials to use, but below are some ideas suggested by your colleagues.

1. Use direct email, listservs, newsletters, and any other method that would get the message right into the audience’s inbox.

2. Post the information on the school and your academic department’s website.

3. Use social media. Facebook, Twitter, Google+, discussion forums, and other sites have become a great alternative way of communicating. Ask students to help by posting on their own pages.

4. Ask professors to make announcements in class.

5. Use the university’s PR office. They can help spread the word by sending out press releases to the local media.

6. Contact the local media directly. Newspapers, radio shows, and magazines are great resources to reach out to audiences outside campus.

7. Use the campus media outlets. If your campus has a newspaper, magazine, TV station, or radio shows, they should be able to help.

8. Print posters, flyers, and/or postcards, and put them up in strategic locations around campus.

9. Ask academic departments related to the film’s topic to put up a poster or flyer on their community boards or murals.

10. Post the event on the university and strategic academic department’s calendar.

11. Reach out to local community organizations that have an interest in Spanish culture or some other topic related to the film/s you are screening.

If you have any ideas, suggestions, or recommendations that worked for your festival and you want to share them with us and future festival organizers, please send us an email at



We have really appreciated all of the publicity materials. The poster definitely stands out among the rest on campus, and we have been able to use all of the high res images and the trailer on our digital sign in the new building. It looks so professional!”
-Anna Cox, Assistant Professor of Spanish and Film Studies, Willamette University

To help with the advertising of each festival, Spanish Film Club has designed promotional materials such as posters, postcards, flyers, e-news, etc. This will not only guarantee a distinctive and unique image exclusively associated with SFC, but also make it easier and more cost-effective for the university to organize and promote the festival.

SFC also provides easily customizable templates for universities and cultural institutions to create their own flyers and/or e-news with its own festival specific information.

And the most fun is still to come! Download the trailer we have created to advertise your event on your website, Facebook page, or to be screened before each film in your screening room.

Below are all the designs to customize your event:


Participants should feel free to adapt the existing promotional materials or create their own. However, please note that your grant is contingent upon the use of the following required elements:

Credit Line: In the event that a grant application is accepted and you become part of Spanish Film Club, the following credit line(s) must be mentioned on all printed documents and publicity materials: “The Spanish Film Club series was made possible with the support of Pragda, SPAIN arts & culture and the Secretary of State for Culture of Spain.”

Logo: All promotional materials created must contain Pragda, and Spanish Film Club’s logos, which we provided in a zip file.

Poster: We recommend inserting your festival information (film titles, screening dates, time, location, names of organizer and supporters, etc…) on blank area reserved for that.

Flyer: This document contains complete lists of all of the films, along with an image and a description. Participants should remove all but the films they will be screening as part of their festival and add their individual festival details. This document can also be used as an e-news.

Postcard: There are two versions of postcards are you are welcome to use the one you like the most. We provided you only with a front image, but strongly encourage you to add your festival’s details on the back. The postcard is standard size 4×6.


As a grantee, you will be required to fill an Online Evaluation Form on your experience hosting Spanish Film Club. Such a report must include copies of all promotional material modified or created for your festival such as poster, postcard, e-news, flyer, etc.